Help, I need to Choose a ROOFER

When disaster strikes in terms of weather be it acts of God, like tornadoes, hurricanes and very bad thunderstorms, people tend to come together. Most of the coming together is on a positive note; however, some of it can be negative. This is said because it is very common for good and bad contractors to come out after inclement weather when repairs to buildings and homes are needed. A good roofing company is important. Specifically speaking of a roofing contractor, like anything else, there are good ones and there are the not so good, bad ones . However, if you put your ducks in a row and do your research, you can get lucky and find one of the good ones. By having done your research and getting knowledge of what to look for and what to consider, you can be on your way to having a good roof repair experience. Here is a list of the top local roofers in the USA.

First, getting local referrals is basically the good old word of mouth. This lessens the chase of scams if you stay within your community. The contractors who live locally will want to continue to get good business during times of non inclement weather and emergencies. So, these contractors will be concerned about keeping a good reputable name for continued good business. These local contractors will be more knowledgeable about the local requirements and rules that govern the code regulations to ensure no legal problems and will pass inspections. These local roofing contractors will be seasoned and updated to ensure all goes well with roofing repairs. Scammers come out after the storms and they often fly by night as they come from all around and will get your funds and disappear like magic. So, stay local.

In addition, I must continue for a moment on the topic of choosing locally especially during those times of disaster when repairs are needed after the storm. A badge of honor is the manufacturer designations. Local contractors have to pass specific requirements set at a minimum to be factory certified. There are more demanding requirements for some manufacturers. Only about 2% per market of roofers can be given the title of Master Elite Contractors. Master Elite Contractors designation can only be used in the area of where the storm has taken place. So, be aware.

Next, look for ratings by the Better Business Bureau. It is very important to research and even call to find if the contractor has a good score. I would not choose to select a contractor if that contractor is not listed on the Better Business Bureau website ( The Master Elite Certification which is governed by the General Aniline & Film in roofing ensures that all certifications maintain satisfactory ratings with the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, stick with checking all information and ratings on roofers. Always select a roofer that has the certifications and best Better Business Bureau scores.

Oklahoma City,OK, June 22,2010–A roofer repairs a roof that was damaged by tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma in early May 2010. FEMA is working with local, state, private and federal agencies and businesses to help individuals and business with their recovery. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

Also, make sure that your warranty is detailed, specific and extensive in every way because not all manufacturers warranties include the workmanship of the contractor. If there is an error and/or problem in the installation of the roof, issues can arise. Please know and consider that time can pass and these errors and/or problems can go undetected for months or even years before the damage shows up. In many and most cases the insurance will not pay for it. If the contractor has gone out of business. the only thing to do is pay out of your pocket. Therefore, research and make sure that you get the best warranty that includes workmanship and any and all extensive items and issues. A quick tip is to look for Master Elite Contractors who offer the Golden Pledge Warranty that includes workmanship and it covers a long period of time.

Include this, yes, on your list of things should be safety. This must be first as the saying goes safety first. The certified contractors usually have a safety program. Always check for licensing and insurance. This should be for all workers on your property so the contractor should have all employees covered. Make sure that you pay your deductible and handle your insurance claim well.

And last, material is very important so know what you need in reference to material. A good contractor will offer different shingles and with advancement in technology this should be easy to see all of the choices. Don’t let pressure steer you in the wrong direction in reference to the whole process of choosing the right contractor, dealing with the insurance, selecting the best material.